Culture and Faith | OneWe

By Nazia Shafi, Asian Outreach Coordinator, Catholic Diocese of Richmond, VA

OneWe strives to build culturally inclusive faith communities where diversity is embraced and where parish communities become united, stronger and happier places of worship. This initiative has been adapted in many worship communities including schools and parishes. People from different ethnic backgrounds have benefited from OneWe. The program facilitates grassroot encounter, helping individuals understand their own culture, how cultures can be similar and/or different. Most importantly, how to embrace one another’s culture and how to work/interact with each other. By reaching out and encountering we get to know one another, build bridges among cultures and promote a greater understanding of diversity while encouraging conversations that help us learn about our commonalities. OneWe helps people get to know their co-workers/parishioners better whilst having fun. Some feedback from these sessions include: ‘Now that I know you better, I can work with you better.’ ‘This is such a great way of getting to know one another.’ ‘Being American I didn’t realize I had a culture’.

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